The Future of Information with Donald Kerry Frey

December 30, 2016
There was a reason why tech entrepreneur Donald Kerry Frey decided to establish two important information websites, Frey Robotics ( and Nova Tribune ( However, even though there was one reason for both, he took different approaches with both. He established Frey Robotics because he strongly believes that it’s not just possible but desirable to inform people about the current state of technology. People don’t want to fear technology, but it’s natural to fear the unknown. Therefore, the more they knew about tech, the less likely they were to fear it.

Because he himself has a passion for the best forms of information consumption, Donald Kerry Frey established the news site Nova Tribune to fulfill that desire and to present the news from all sides and all perspectives. The Nova Tribune attempts to provide a reasonable news alternative that informs readers while presenting all sides of every argument. Donald’s strong entrepreneurial background is likely to provide him with the knowledge and skill to make certain that Frey Robotics and The Nova Tribune are both very successful for quite some time.